Using floats in CSS

Floating images

One of the most common things to do with an image is to make it float inline with text. This can be done easily using the align attribute.

<img src="image" align="left" alt="Image description" />
Text text text …

The three most useful alignments are left, right (which align the image inline with the text in the respected position) and middle (which aligns the timage in the middle of the text).

Image float example

Using CSS floats

Div tags can also be useful for aligning content when they are used with the float CSS property.

<div id="right">Text floated on the right …</div>
Text text text text text text …

We need to first float the div tag to the right, but we can also define a width to keep the style constant.

   float: right;
   width: 100px;

This method gives us a good way to put content on either the left or the right in a neat box that varies in height depending on the length of the content. Again the most useful floats are left and right which make the content appear in the respective direction.

CSS float example

Float rendering

Below are a few things to note when using floats:



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