3D text effect 2 in Photoshop

Type your text and give it a gradientType the text that you require, the colour does not matter. Select Edit > Transform > Skew. Drag the edge until it looks something similar to the one opposite.

Add a gradient stroke and shadowNow add the effects below:
Gradient: light->dark red, angle -90, opacity 100
Shadow: opacity 75%, distance 27, spread 0, size 24
Inner shadow: Blend mode lighten, opacity 52, distance 3, choke 34, size 2
Outer glow: opacity 41, colour white, spread 0, size 5
Bevel: depth 100, size 0, soften 0,highlight opacity 0, shadow opacity 53 (dark red)
Stroke: 1px dark red

Add an inner shadow and inner glowHold Ctrl/Cmd and click the layer with your text in it. Choose Select > Modify > Expand. Choose a size of 3. Choose Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient. The example gradient is 0B01B8 > 03CBFD.

Add a secondary strokeWith your new gradient layer selected hold Ctrl/Cmd and Alt and press up on your keyboard. This will duplicate the layer. Now press up and left on your keyboard to move the new layer slightly to the left. Duplicate and move about 4 more layers. Now make the background and the red text invisible and click Layer > Merge Visible (to merge all the new layers). Now make all layers visible again.

Add a final strokeFinally add these effects to the 3D layer:
Inner shadow: blend mode normal, opacity 75, distance 5, choke 0, size 5
Inner glow: blend mode normal, opacity 75, colour light shadowBlue, spread 0, size 5
Stroke: 1px dark shadowBlue



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