Jump list tasks in IE

To learn more about pinning websites with Windows and Internet Explorer see the pinned sites tutorial.

Adding static links

Once a user has pinned a website to the taskbar you can present them with a list of links to the most common pages in your website to allow the user to quickly access content on your website.

When specifying a task you need to specify the following items:

Name Description
name The name for the task
action-uri The web address of the task
icon-uri The address of the icon for the task
window-type Select one of the following:
  • tab – open link in new tab (default)
  • self – open link in current window
  • window – open link in new window

You can have at most five tasks.


This example shows how to add two tasks, one for the latest news and one for the products page:

<meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Latest News;action-uri=http://mywebsite.com/news/;icon-uri=http://mywebsite.com/icon.ico"/>
<meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Products;action-uri=http://mywebsite.com/products/;icon-uri=http://mywebsite.com/icon.ico"/>


To add these items to a WordPress site, add the HTML to the header.php theme file.

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